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Attending a childcare facility is one of life’s great adventures for your children. By enrolling him/her in our child care program, you are giving your child the beginning of a formal education. This represents a very significant step in your child’s growth. It is the beginning of a program which is designed to give your child a great opportunity for well rounded growth and development.

One can be a child only once. What a child learns and what he/she becomes in the preschool years sets the pattern for a lifetime. In these early years, a child learns how to learn; how to use his/her mind; how to begin to read, write, and speak; how to cooperate and take directions; and how to organize, calculate, and evaluate. He/she will learn moral standards and how to deal with others in a variety of relationships. Your child will acquire a fundamental grasp of the basic areas of knowledge, including art, language, literature, math, and social and physical sciences. These may well be the most critical years of your child’s formal education. Our school accepts a special responsibility in providing the best education during these early years.

Be sure to read the information we have provided on our website. If you have any questions, please Contact Us, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Thank You for taking a look at our website. We hope we can make your child’s education an enjoyable and memorable experience !!

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